Beverly, Melvin, Elikem, Cleo in the BBA finale

Will she win the BBA money?: Cleo
Will she win the BBA money?: Cleo

With the final round of nominations on Big Brother Africa The Chase done and dusted on Monday, it is up to Africa to decide who of Angelo, Bimp and Dillish will be joining Melvin, Beverly, Elikem and Cleo in the glittering finale on 25 August.

Head of house Elikem picked up the most nominations (five), followed by Bimp with four, Dillish with two and Cleo, Beverly and Angelo with one apiece – with Melvin not picking up a solitary nod. Elikem used his decisive ‘save & replace’ decision to send himself into the finale next Sunday, putting Angelo up for eviction in his place.

His decision ensured that Beverly, Melvin and Cleo are guaranteed a spot in the finale beside him. Beverly is the only housemate to have gone through the entire show without facing eviction, while she and Melvin are also the only duo from the same country, left in The Chase.

Beverly kicked off nominations on Monday morning, naming Dillish and Cleo as her nomination choices. Cleo returned the favour by nominating the Nigerian and Elikem.Dillish nominated Elikem before choosing Bimp because she sees him as competition. Bimp clearly felt the same way, because he nominated the Namibian and his second nomination went to Elikem.

Elikem returned the favour. He named Angelo as his second nominee – with the South African promptly returning the favour. Angelo’s second nomination went to Bimp. Melvin nominated Bimp, and Elikem.

Viewers have ultimate control over who they would like to see in the finale by voting through the web, SMS or mobile site.—DSTV.COM

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