Chikhwawa women transformed

Women of Victory Organisation recently donated various items to less privileged women of Chikhwawa.

Executive director of the organisation, Prophetess Doris Chaponda said the organisation established a branch in Chikhwawa to equip the women so that they learn the importance of sharing with the poor.

“We went to Chikhwawa to encourage the two branches in their work and help the elderly by constructing houses for them as well as cleaning their houses especially those with various disabilities at Matimati, Kanyimbiri and Nkhate.

“We also held elections for office bearers to run the branches as they continue spreading the word of God which is the source of happiness. We encourage them to stand on their own without fully depending on the head office,” said Prophetess Chaponda.

“We do not want women to be victimised and always depend on alms but should also be bread winners,” she said.

The organisation donated 100 buckets, 200 table salt packets, soap, body oil, clothes for parents and babies, women and men as was part of their early Christmas.

Rose Makhwira, chairperson for the Chikhwawa branch thanked the national office for giving them an early Christmas experience and promised that this encouraged the women to be more vigorous as they continue spreading the gospel.

Prophetess Chaponda preached from Acts chapter 9 from verse 14, Matthews 25 and after the message 96 people surrendered their lives to God.

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