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Mchinji villages bemoan lack of potable water


At least seven villages in Bua-Mtete in Traditional Authority Mavwere in Mchinji have complained of lack of potable water.

The villages depend on dams and unprotected wells.

A visit to Mzingo Village by Malawi News Agency (Mana) showed that women and children walk long distances to access water.

Lack of water forces people to draw water from unsafe sources


Sigelithah Palingana, 65, a community member, faulted Manjiwa Ward councillor Laurent Mponda for not drilling boreholes despite pledging to do so in his 2014 campaign manifesto.

“We have been calling the councillor to come and address us on the water problem we are experiencing, but time is passing without any concrete answers,” she said.

Councillor Mponda said he is aware of water problems in the area and he has been lobbying for support from donors.

“I was told to provide all necessary information to Bua-Mtete World Vision [office] on all areas that are lacking water supply. I am waiting for World Vision’s response,” he said.

World Vision Malawi is drilling boreholes in Likasi area a few kilometres from Bua-Mtete.

World Vision Malawi development facilitator for Mchinji, Faith Mgara Magalasi, acknowledged the concerns raised by communities through the ward councillor and promised that her office will work on it.

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