YAS launches K14m accountability initiative


Youth and Society (YAS) has rolled out a K14 million project to amplify citizen voices for improved utilisation of public resources in Rumphi District.

The non-governmental organisation envisages the transparency and accountability initiative strengthening the participation of tracking public expenditure and development results.

Kajoloweka: It will create a critical mass

According to YAS executive director Charles Kajoloweka, the project was conceived to entrench prudent expenditure of the Local Development Fund (LDF), Constituency Development Fund (CDF) and District Development Fund (DDF).

The US State Department is funding the $19 000 (about K14 million) project through Young African Leaders Initiative (Yali).

Among others, the organisation will train members of village and area development committees, councillors and council sub-committees in how to ascertain public expenditure and reporting abuse.

They will also be equipped with skills to compile reports and access public information—including development budgets, district strategies and local development guidelines—for evidence-based advocacy and lobbying.

The skills will help councillors and councils  to meaningfully serve the citizenry, said Kajoloweka.

“The trainings and sensitisation efforts will not only empower citizens, local governance structures and ward councillors to begin demanding participation and inclusion in financial management, but also create a critical mass to proactively hold those in authority accountable,” he said.

So far, YAS has trained 40 members of Ng’onga and Mwahenga area development committees (ADC) as well as Rumphi District Council’s finance and audit committee.

Council chairperson Lilian Chirambo said the district has major problems in management of the development funds as is the case in the rest of the country.


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