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Miss Malawi princess lands television show deal


Miss Malawi beauty pageant first princess Nthanda Manduwi has landed a television show deal with Zodiak to explore Malawian culture and tourism.

Manduwi told Nation Online that the show, named My Malawi, is expected on air early December.

She said: “We have been shooting its episodes and we will be finalising the shooting by end of this month. We hope to start airing it early December.”

Manduwi: We will be exploring tourist atraction sites

Manduwi said the show explores Malawian culture, travel and tourism.

“The show was created after having few conversations with people. We discussed how Malawians lack an identity. It’s not that we don’t have one, but we haven’t cemented it to say this is what being Malawian is.

“So, I am trying to identify that identity by inviting influential people on the show, but also engaging the common Malawian on what it means to them to be Malawian,” she explained.

Manduwi said the show will also explore the beauty of Malawi.

“So we will be exploring hotels, tourist attraction sites and everything around the country,” she said.

Manduwi, who blogs about tourism said the TV show is just a continuation of her desire to expose Malawi’s beauty and culture.

“I thought how do I answer these people, how do I find that identity. I thought a TV show would be a good answer for this. And then since I already blog about tourism, I thought of combining the two concepts to achieve one goal,” she said.

The show is expected to be aired on Zodiak TV every Saturday evening.

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