New local movie set for premiere

Malawi is set to witness the coming of another movie to be premiered on November 25 at Crossroads Hotel in Lilongwe. The movie 16 Bars is a brainchild of Gilbert Moyo.

According to Moyo, the movie tells a typical Malawian ghetto story of young people struggling to survive amidst HIV and Aids and social ills such as sexual abuse.

The Director: Msunje

He further described the movie as a story of the price of fame, saying: “It is a story that shows what happens to young people if they do not handle themselves with responsibility. The fact that it is a hip hop musical makes it relevant to today’s Malawian society because ghetto music is what is trending today. So we took advantage of the appeal of the ghetto to make this film.”

Moyo said the movie has its main characters as Zephania Chavula and Dalitso Chimombo who also happen to be musicians in real life as main characters.

“This is a story Malawians can easily relate with because of its setting and to minimise loss due to piracy there are plans to hold premieres in Lilongwe, Blantyre, Zomba at Chancellor College [Chanco] and other areas,” he said.

Bon Tek Media Productions shot and produced the film. The company’s director, Boniface Msunje, said the movie has been shot professionally.  n


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