Singing weapon against powers of darkness

CCAP Blantyre Synod on the night of December 24 launched Christmas carols patronised by at least 13 choirs from the Blantyre City Presbytery at HHI Multi-Purpose Hall.

Moderator of the CCAP Blantyre Synod said gospel music is the heart of the worship in the church saying her synod was blessed with talented gospel singers.

“Let our singing resemble us because it is the weapon which we can use to defuse the powers of darkness,” said Reverend Mercy Chilapula.

In his word Reverend Harold Mbeza, director of music in the Synod, described the carols as celebrating the birth of Christ in the real and right way.

“What we had been noticing is that people were praising God in the wrong way so we want to bring back the original celebrations of Jesus Christ’ birth. The re-introduction of Christmas carols will assist us as a church to help choirs to share and learn from one another singing talent.

“In the past people used to torture others and the coming of Jesus Christ liberated and united us. There is power in gospel music. Christmas carols were introduced by Francis Assisi in the 12 century,” said Rev Mbeza.

He said the aim of the introduction of carols was to improve gospel music in the Synod.

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