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Lilongwe-based reggae outfit, Soul Raiders, has organised two performances in Lilongwe and Blantyre this weekend, where they will pre-launch their album Reggae Revolution.

Blossoming conscious reggae dancehall artist Trumel will also perform alongside the band at the Blantyre concert.

Soul Raiders (L-R), Suzi Marcus, Prince Martin and Montfort Manyozo, are set forthe pre-luanch

Soul Raiders (L-R), Suzi Marcus, Prince Martin and Montfort Manyozo, are set forthe pre-luanch

Soul Raiders lead vocalist Suzi Marcus said the Blantyre show will take place at Mibawa Café while in Lilongwe, the party will be at Club Africana the following day.

“The band is particularly excited with the Blantyre concert as this will be the first time this year for the band to perform in the city. This will be our opportunity to fulfill the demands of our fans to hold shows in their city. And to make it even more exciting, we will feature Trumel at the Blantyre concert. We will strive to make sure this album pre-launch should be successful,” said Marcus.

Reggae Revolution was recorded at Pro Pee Studios by Percy Manyozo and the production was completed in October by Montfort Prince Manyozo.

The CD has 13 tracks, all written by Prince Martin and Suzi Marcus.

According to Marcus, the CDs for the new album will be sold for the first time at these shows.

The album’s three singles were previously released off the CD, in songs such as Ulimba Bwanji, which features reggae artist Sally Nyundo; Ndayima pa Nsanja, a love track that features upcoming songbird Chichi, who also won Sunbird Search for a star 2013 competition and Chikhalidwe.

“All these songs can be downloaded on the band’s Reverbnation page and Malawi Music website.  Other tracks in the album include Valentine, Zakulaka, Mukapysa, Mfumuyo and Kale,” said Marcus.

The album covers a number of topics ranging from spirituality, love and consciousness, according to Marcus.

Soul Raiders started at Chancellor College in 2000 by three members; Prince Martin, Suzi Marcus and Montfort Prince Manyozo, but disbanded when they graduated.

The trio reunited in 2010 and later officially relaunched the band at Africana in Lilongwe on January 22 2011. Meanwhile, the band has performed at many venues across the city with different artists. They have also participated at national festivals, including Lake of Stars in 2012, Moon Rock in 2013 and this year’s Sand Music Festival.

The band’s debut album Angels was released in 2012 and has songs like Patse Patse Nkulanda, Frustration and African Fire.

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