After university selection, what next?

This week, parents of the hardworking and chosen few students were celebrating the selection of their children and wards to various public universities and their constituent colleges. I know a lot of students, who despite deserving to get picked, did not because of lack of space.

This period, my fellow parents, is a trying one for our children and we need to handle it with maturity and foresightedness. The fact that students worked hard, but never got picked can be devastating. I have heard stories about children who reacted badly for missing a university selection. Some have attempted suicide!

It is every student’s dream to study at these prestigious institutions. But the question is; what next? In a hasty and consolatory move to comfort children, parents rush to put their children in colleges that are questionable.

Parents also make the mistake of forcing careers down the throats of their children. It is crucial for parents to be rational as they help their children choose meaningful careers.

Take time to understand reasons that might have contributed to the children not to be picked. Top on the list is the number of points scored during examinations. Those with fewer points (those who did extremely well) stand a better chance of getting picked. And if public university is the ultimate dream, then one cannot afford to be comfortable with average results.

Secondly, we need to study our children to see which career path suits them and possible institutions that offer courses in tandem with our children natural faculties.

Then, it is crucial to do a proper research on the available institutions. If not careful, we will send our children to tertiary institutions that are not effective and will only waste our children’s time and our hard-earned resources.

Let us also ensure to befriend our children so that they are free with us. In that way, discussions on career choices and institutions will be smooth and fruitful.

It breaks my heart to see children going to tertiary institutions for years only to end up loafing around either because they chose the wrong career paths and failed or they studied at institutions whose credentials are questionable and employers avoid their graduates.

Between now and June, the media will be awash with adverts of various tertiary institutions looking for students to register. God gave us a responsibility to look after and guide our children. Going to college should not be all about being at par with another child, but setting a path to success.

And yes, we have a lot of successful people who did not make it to universities, but still found their dreams, pursued them to the end and ticked.

I wish all parents and students all the best as they make some crucial decisions in the next few weeks!

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