Active citizenship key to development—NPL

Nation Publications Limited (NPL) has described active citizenship as key to socio-economic development of Malawi.

NPL business development manager Chimwemwe Jere said this in Lilongwe on Wednesday, when he addressed community journalism trainees.

Trainees practise what they learnt

The company, with financial support from Tilitonse Foundation, is running a six-month waste management project at Kauma in the capital city.

After the training, the journalists will be expected to write stories that raise awareness on about the dangers of careless waste disposal as well as create space for engagement between citizens and duty-bearers on waste management in the area.

Though waste management is a challenge across the country, Jere described the situation at Kauma as deplorable because Lilongwe City Council (LCC) designated it as a sewage place.

“As a result, smell from the sewage is horrible and the council does not collect waste from the area, forcing residents to dump it into Lilongwe River. This pollutes water and endangers aquatic life in the river.

“As a project, we are hopeful that meaningful engagement between people and the council can lessen these challenges,” he said.

One of the trainees, Johannes Chikufenji, said the training will, among other things, equip him with news writing skills.

During a validation meeting a fortnight ago, LCC urban executive committee chairperson Hilary Kamera hailed NPL and Tilitonse Foundation for coming up with the project, which he said was in line with LCC’s policy of inclusive development.

“As a council, we are pleased that NPL has taken an initiative that will make the city a better place for its residents,” he said.

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