An opportunity to speak one language of unity

Dear judge Mbadwa,

The tomorrow every Nyasa might have been waiting for is finally here, but was it really a day worth waiting for? Well, your judgement, My Lord, will spell that out.

But one thing is clear the epoch-making judgement will define whether the country will remain stuck in the rut of mediocrity or will grab the opportunity to chart a new path and a new way of doing things.

My Lord, it is clear from the events of the pre-judgment period that Nyasas have become more critical of decisions of policy makers and politicians, subjecting every detail and their justification to intense scrutiny.

They demand that policy makers and politicians be accountable to the people who give them the mandate to run affairs on their behalf.

The people have spoken that they are integral players in the running of their own country; hence, they demand more transparency in the holding of elections to remove the perception that polls in Nyasaland have, after the dawn of multiparty elections, always been a staged affair.

My Lord, I have not had a sneak peek at your ruling, but I know that from tomorrow elections will no longer be handled as an exercise just to fulfil a constitutional requirement amidst myriad irregularities.

My Lord, I am not naive to fail to deduce that the May 21 elections have granted us an opportunity to institute the much-needed reforms that will consolidate the democracy which we embraced when we did away with the notorious one party rule.

The electoral reforms, which were deliberately ignored by self-serving politicians, can now be embraced because they will go a long way in addressing the shortfalls that first-past-the-post electoral system has exhibited.

Regardless of where the ruling will swing to, My Lord, I am aware that the political landscape will never be the same from tomorrow because we have come to realise that the electorate are not as dumb as we have considered them to be.

They will no longer be served a meal of gullibility when they demand real answers.

Laconically, My Lord, your ruling will either preserve the integrity of the Judiciary as an arm of government that can be trusted or something that will throw more mud at the justice delivery system where justice is sold to the highest corrupt bidder.

My Lord, an opportunity has availed itself to reboot this virus stricken country to rid it of egocentric motives that have been manifesting in ruling and opposition leaders alike.

It is a time for patriotic citizens, who really want to build the country from the ruins of the May 21 elections, to present themselves in the name of national unity and build the nation.

My Lord, this is not a call to advance partisan or nepotistic agendas or time to celebrate that your fiercest rival has been embarrassed by the court ruling, but time to realise that the nation that was stagnated has to move forward.

I hope every person that matter, including you honourable Judge Mbadwa will hear the call.


John Citizen

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