Betting is eating our nation


he coming in of PremierBet, a betting company, has led to employment creation. Among others, the company has recruited people to be working in their respective offices.

It has also provided a platform of agency; where those who wish to be their agents apply and are offered jobs, thus lessening unemployment.  These are some of the merits brought in our nation by the company and need not to be overlooked.

However, the demerits brought by the same are numerous, in a way devastating and have to be checked.

It has become cultural to see individuals put their money on bets in the hope of getting a breakthrough. With reports of some few people winning millions with little stakes, the masses have been carried away to try their luck.

Nowadays it is common to see individuals queue at Premier Bet booths to make their guesses on sports matches so they can win big. Once they earn some cash, they budget some for betting as if it is a need. This habit is slowly eating our nation and has not proved worthwhile. Most of the citizens involved in these practices have become victims in many ways.

The masses have rushed to put their money on bets without thorough consultation. They normally look at the prize without calculating the consequences. It has been noted that probabilities of winning big cash prizes are lesser than imagined. Most people have overlooked that fact and even if they lose today, they go on to try their luck the next day and so on. With this being the routine, individuals have channelled each amount earned towards betting. Others have made their family members suffer as they have not provided for the basics at the expense of betting.

The betting culture has also led to immorality. In some cases, there have been cases of thievery in the homes by children to put their money on bet. With the excitement of winning more cash rewards, children have taken money from their parents without their consent. This has led to the rise of theft in homes. Some have gone the extra mile of getting items in their homes and selling them to get the cash for betting. This immoral behaviour is on the rise.

Engagement of minors in betting is another negative impact that has been observed on the scene. The rules of betting strictly restrict all under the age of 18. This term has been overlooked as minors have been noticed engaging in betting practices. In this respect those transacting with the minors in betting have not taken into consideration the ages of their customers.

It has also been noted that some individuals have taken betting as their sole source of income. Each day to them is for betting, they have no other source of income. If they have no cash, they would engage in any deals, legal or illegal, just to get cash. It is clear that people have remained dormant and laziness has been encouraged.

Most people have risked their money with betting without adequate knowledge. Due to lack of thorough civic education and mass sensitisation on the demerits of this culture, most people have little or no knowledge on the negative possible outcome. As such, with hearsays and victory stories of few players that have made it big, most people indulge in the game with all their income and cry foul after they made losses. With the points discussed, it is evident that this betting culture is slowly consuming our nation. Its high time betting has to be checked; otherwise our nation will be eaten up!

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