Bucci lights up Lake of Stars Blantyre launch

R’n’b artist Bucci last Friday took to the stage a performance that won hearts of the patrons at Mibawa Café in Blantyre during the Lake of Stars (LoS) Blantyre launch.
The young artist opened his session with a cover for One More Night by Busy Signal displaying his dynamic vocal range as patrons sang along while others danced.

Bucci lit up Lake of Stars Blantyre launch
Bucci lit up Lake of Stars Blantyre launch

Bucci’s performance reached the climax as he performed a cover of Brighter Days by Busy Signal which he blended with Ndiima pa Chulu. Even breaking more jaws, Bucci softened Gwamba’s verse as he sang it as if it was not originally a rap verse. Then the artist sang his latest number Malungo and closed his set with a cover of Baby Don’t Worry by Bob Marley.
There was a mixed feeling over his performance of cover songs on his set as others felt betrayed.
“We came here to watch Bucci not Bob Marley or Busy Signal. Why can’t he perform his songs?” lamented Kenston Nyoni.
However, in separate interviews with LoS director, Will Jameson and Kimpho Loka, a talent agent, they said there was nothing wrong with the artist playing cover tracks.
“There is no problem because he also played his own songs. It could have been a different song if he did not perform his songs,” said Jameson.
“He was creative in the way he blended the songs so it would be unfair to say he did not perform well. He interpreted the song well, ” said Loka.
Also performing at the launch was Agorosso and Dan Lu.
Poet Yankho Seunda took to the stage a recital that earned him applauses but as he worked through his second poem, people started making noise.
But, a few that were paying attention clapped their hands in admiration.
Jameson said they chose Mibawa because it is the hub of live performances in Blantyre and thought it wise to perform at the venue.
“Last year, we held a similar event at Chez Macky and it was acoustic performance, but now we thought it wise to have other performances,” said Jameson.

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