Bushiri prays for Malawi


South Africa-based Malawian prophet Shepherd Bushiri of the Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) on Saturday led Malawians in special prayers for his native country, urging mindset change to achieve positive transformation.

Bushiri, fondly addressed as Major Prophet by his followers, said time has come for Malawians to stand up and contribute to changing their country for the better.

He said: “Time has come when we can stand up and say we can change our country. The only thing that could bring about the much-needed change is a mindset change, and not necessarily change in leadership or political parties.

Bushiri addresses the crowd that gathered for the special prayers

“Let us think in terms of what we can do for our country as opposed to what the President can do for our country. Look at the way our country is going, instead of evolving, it is becoming worse; and our children and grandchildren will be the ones to suffer.

“The revolution that is needed in our country is not a political one. We need a thinking revolution.”

The special prayers, organised by a grouping of Malawians living in South Africa under the banner Malawi Forum to unite, empower and uplift Malawians in that country, were held at Sparkling Waters Hotel and Spa in Rustenburg, South Africa.

Commenting on prevailing electricity supply challenges that have seen Malawians experiencing between eight and 25 hours of loadshedding, Bushiri, who has investments in a wide array of enterprises, including mining, said given a chance by the Malawi Government he would bring a lasting solution to the problem.

He said: “Malawian problems will not be solved by Europeans. I feel that Malawi needs solutions by Malawians. Given a chance to help the country, the electricity problem would disappear in no time. That project does not require a lot of money.

“I already met with Escom [Electricity Supply Corporation of Malawi] officials and told them I could provide a solution. Had they let me implement it, the electricity problem would be history.”

The prophet commended South Africa-based Malawian billionaire Simbi Phiri of Khato Civils for being part of the solution to end the water problems in the country through the development of the Salima-Lilongwe Water Supply Project to pump water from Lake Malawi.

Bushiri also turned political, throwing his weight behind the governing Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) in the 2019 Tripartite Elections.

He said: “If you asked me which party I would vote for if we were to go to the polls today, I would say DPP although it is a party that will not rest, but fight me. I have seen a lot of improvements in Malawi under the DPP regime and that is why I would vote them back in power to continue with those developments.”

Quizzed on political ambitions to vie for the country’s presidency, Bushiri said he does not harbour such an ambition.

He said: “I think Malawi deserves love. I am very patriotic and I love my country; but, it is the same love that is being mistaken for bad intentions quite in the same way that Martin Luther King’s intentions were, in the United States of America.”

During the prayers, Malawi Forum director Shadreck Longwe said the forum, with a membership of over 2 000, exists to support Malawians living in South Africa in various way, including bereavement, financial literacy, illnesses, weddings as well as to celebrate the Malawi culture together.

Bushiri has given the Malawi Forum a 7 000 rand fund as a loan facility for those willing to start businesses that will help create job opportunities for other Malawians in South Africa.

Gaston Pyoka-Kachinda, who has been in South Africa since 1993, said he was happy to be part of the gathering as it helped him to feel as if he was home in Malawi again. n

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