Cashgate scandal inspires movie

Every bad situation has potential to give birth to something positive and productive that people can draw lessons from.

This is the kind of opening that US-based Malawian film maker Chawezi Munthali, popularly known as Chazz, has seen in creating a movie from the biggest financial scandal ever to rock Malawi.

The financial plunder, cashgate, has inspired a film production known as Hilbrow, whose trailer has gone viral, generating interest among Malawians in the process.

Msekandiwana (R) and Malange in one of the scenes of the movie

In a WhatsApp interview from USA yesterday, Munthali refused to divulge more information about the film project, insisting that he will only give full details about the storyline once the full movie has been released.

“I simply used the pick of the Cashgate scandal as an inspiration. I want to make sure that people understand that this is not a true story. It is just inspired by true events. For example, the film Rambo used the Vietnam War as an inspiration and that is exactly what I did,” he said.

According to Munthali, the production mainly revolves around two main characters who are played by Sipiwe Lino and Patrick Mhango who took the role of a budget director in the film. Both Lino and Mhango are making their feature film debuts. It also features Amos Msekandiwana, Kayikangu Malange and Adnaan Bheda.

The movie was shot in South Africa, USA, and Canada.

He said: “I wrote the script from scratch. Though there are a few similarities but my aim is not to highlight or cast any expulsions on any individuals. I wrote the film solely for entertainment.”

He said at the moment no official release date for the film has been set yet.

“I wanted an all-Malawian cast. We have lots of Malawians who are able and talented. They just need experience and great coaching,” he said.

Tonderai Banda is the executive producer of the film and says at the moment they are wooing local partners to help with the project.

Banda said: “We are sure of the quality of the work that we want and we have chosen to be patient so that we stick to the right standards.”

This will be Munthali’s first major project having made his debut with his short film, Sponge three years ago. 

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