Cholera-hit area gets piped water in Lilongwe


Water Mission Malawi, an organisation that promotes sanitation and hygiene,  has installed a K55 million piped water system in Mdondwe, one of the areas affected by cholera last year in Traditional Authority (T/A) Tsabango in Lilongwe.

About 3 000 people from 27 villages, who were drinking water from unprotected sources, will benefit from the project, according to Water Mission Malawi country director Nixon Sinyiza.

Residents draw water from the tap
after the launch

“One family in America, the McKinnons, was concerned with the cholera outbreak facing our country. That is why it funded us to implement this project,” he said.

Sinyiza was optimistic that in future the project would extend to other villages.

“There is room to improve the project. We are looking at the chance of improving it in the near future,” he said.

T/A Tsabango said he was pleased that his area has piped water which he expects will translate into the eradication of cholera.

“The previous rainy season was really tough for us here. But now, with this project, we believe that cholera will no longer trouble us,” he said.

During the last rainy season, Lilongwe was hard hit by cholera. The affected areas included Mtandire, Area 36 and Kauma where three people died. Unicef and Lilongwe Water Board provided safe drinking water in a bid to contain the cases.

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