Clip reveals MEC knew about Tippex before polls

The Constitutional Court hearing the elections case in Lilongwe, today morning began with a query on whether Lazarus Chakwera’s lawyers should be allowed to use an interview clip in which Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) chairperson Justice Jane Ansah had with the media.

The clip which has been played in court has revealed that MEC commissioners knew before polling started that correction fluid, commonly called tippex was supplied to polling centers. MEC Chief Elections Officer Sam Alfandika told the court that it is correct that tippex was supplied to polling centres before polling began.

Alfandika: Tippex was supplied before polls

Earlier on, MEC lawyer Tamando Chokotho objected that the clip, which is revealing Ansah’s confirmation in an interview with the media that tippex was supplied before poling began, should not be used for cross-examining Alfandika. He argued that it was not part of the sworn statement.

Alfandika earlier on also told the court that he wrote the audit firm BDO to approve results which did not contain corresponding signatures of monitors for political parties. But, Alfandika was unable to show the content of the letter saying that it was not part of his sworn statement.

Senior Counsel Modercai Msisha continues with cross-examining Alfandika.

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