A concert that turned back the hands of time


In any arrangement, it is often the application of little things that can help you win the day. Things that appear to go against the norm help make a big difference on otherwise predictable outcomes.

Out of the whole array of stars were billed to perform at the last weekend Sound and Light Concert in Salima, few would have thought the inclusion of old timers on the lineup would work wonders.

But as it turned out during the two-day event at Sunbird Livingstonia Beach the magic wand from the Entertainers Promotion stable came in form of having old guards like Paul Banda, Enort Mbandambanda, Giddes Chalamanda and Charles Nsaku on stage.

Nsaku made a great impression on stage

Their performances brought refreshened memories of their prime years and befittingly they received a warm reception from the dominantly youthful audience which may have even baffled the artists themselves.

The music veterans appeared so energised in the way they went about their performances, no traces of stage fright. They maintained high professional standards of focus throughout.

The man considered to be among the pioneers of mordernised music ‘Sir’ Paul Banda said he loved the synergy that the combination of the youthful and old acts brought to the concert.

“For us the old-timers performing on such a big stage was an experience worth cherishing. And for the growth of music that is the way it should be and for that I would like to salute Jai Banda and the whole Entertainers Promotion,” said ‘Sir’ Paul Banda.

In an interview Jai Banda conceded the move which looked like a gamble on paper proved to be a masterstroke in the arrangement of the concert as attested by the response given to the veteran musicians on stage.

“We thought long and hard, but we were driven by the premise of giving out a show which was all inclusive. We wanted to reach out to the older generation hence the inclusion of artists like Mbandambanda who during their prime were forces to reckon with,” said Banda.

The daring touches from the organisers were not limited to bringing on board the old-timers alone. Though being held in an environment with a hugely secular orientation but the concert made room for some gospel acts too.

“Some of our fans love gospel music and we really wanted them to be part of the event. It was designed to be a family entertainment and we had to cater for everyone’s needs and tastes.

“The two dimensions we brought of old school and gospel music made the show different from the usual and it was really wonderful,” said Banda.

Gospel artists Ethel Kamwendo Banda and guitar wizard Patience Namadingo seized the opportunity perfectly and gave out dazzling performances which proved a welcome spice on the patronage.

Namadingo relished the experience describing it as a great opportunity for him both as a musician and a gospel artist.

“We are meant to both entertain and administer to people’s lives. People have needs, they need hope, they need to strengthen their faith and they need to know about life and their future as far as God is concerned.

“We do our music for people, where people are gathered that is where we are going to go to spread the message. Such platforms are perfect because it is where people from all walks of life meet,” said Namadingo.

He said in his personal capacity he has no qualms performing at such events because it is a musical show. At the end of the day, the only difference being the message carried in the songs stressing that it is one of the best places to preach the gospel.n

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