CoolPro Entertainment signs up Wailing Brothers

Music stable CoolPro Entertainment has announced a working partnership with one of the country’s reggae group’s Wailing Brothers Band.

CoolPro Entertainment director Duffy Chikakuda said the partnership is one of their numerous projects aimed at promoting reggae music in the country. He said they have settled for the group after noting that its music ambition and vision are identical to their aspirations.

Under new management: The Wailing Brothers

“We have been looking for a serious partner for a long time who understands reggae music. After that long search, we have found that Wailing Brothers Band fits into the kind of profile that we want. Our interests and vision seem to be one,” he said.

As part of the partnership, CoolPro will be responsible for organising the group’s shows and overseeing record production projects.

Chikakuda said they will also market the band to organisations so that they hire it for different projects.

He said: “As you are aware, reggae music is strong and a lot of people love it. This will make it easy for us to deliver different messages to a lot of people both in Malawi and beyond.”

CoolPro Entertainment will oversee Wailing Brothers’ new album whose production is already underway. Under their stable, CoolPro also have another promising youthful reggae talent in Lion Paw.

Wailing Brothers Band leader Takudziwani Chokani said in an interview that as a group they are pleased with the development and it is their hope that the partnership will help amplify their voice.

“As you know we have been doing everything on our own. Sometimes it gets real tough because of financial limitations. With this arrangement, our focus will now be on the music side as CoolPro will be managing the business aspect of things,” he said. Chokani said their fans should expect their new album on the market by September this year.

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