CoolPro, Wailing Brothers part ways

The seven-month marriage between music stable CoolPro Entertainment and reggae band Wailing Brothers has hit a snag and the two parties have announced the end of their working relationship.

The two parties have confirmed their working relationship has come to an end citing unresolved differences within their set-up. Both director of CoolPro Duffy Chikakuda and band member Paul Chokani have confirmed the split in separate interviews.

Wailing Brothers during better days

Chikakuda said: “Yes it is true that CoolPro Entertainment and Wailing Brothers are no longer working together and I am no longer their promoter.

“It seems we had different visions. I tried my best. I promoted the band from last year.”

He said he will continue working and promoting the CoolPro Empresses, a three-female backing cast which Chikakuda introduced to Wailing Brothers when they signed their working pact. The music promoter said the three will drop their new singles on March 1.

“I am sure you have seen some notable developments during the time the group has been under my stewardship. I have played my part and I am very sure that they will continue producing good music. I wish them all the best,” Chikakuda said.

On his part, Chokani said they were indeed informed about the decision by Chikakuda. He said as a group they are yet to sit down and map the way forward.

He said: “He gave his reasons which were communicated to our band leader Takudziwani. There are reasons which we cannot comment on here. But we have accepted it and we will just have to move on.”

In July last year, an announcement was made of a working partnership between the two parties which sought to revive the fortunes of one of the oldest local reggae bands which had been sailing in troubled waters for some time.

Since then, the group’s fortunes appeared to have improved judging from their increased visibility epitomised by its first appearance at last year’s Sand Music Festival in Salima and the release of three singles.

The Wailing Wailers Band came to the limelight over a decade ago when, alongside Evison Matafale, they released two albums which are considered among the best reggae productions from Malawi.

However, the group’s fortunes were dealt a heavy blow following the departure of Matafale who moved on to form his own Black Missionaries Band. In 2016, they made a comeback by releasing their album Unfinished Business which, unfortunately, fared badly on the market.

The group was originally formed as a family group, comprising names such as Takudziwani and Paul Chokani, Romeo and Yohane Kanjunju, Evison Matafale, Michael Jana and Kingsley Chikaphupha.

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