Court orders family to discuss Chikulamayembe chieftaincy

High Court Judge  Dorothy De Gabrielle has ordered families involved in the Chikulamayembe chieftaincy succession dispute to discuss the issue among themselves and appoint the rightful heir.

Some clan members from 12 royal families of the chieftaincy had applied for an injunction against the elevation of acting Paramount Chikulamayembe, Mtima, son to the late Paramount Chief Chikulamayembe.

Mtima being introduced during a Gonapamuhanya Cultural Festival

In his remarks, group village head (GVH) Taona of Mkupa family said traditionally, the chieftaincy rotates among 12 families and they want that to be followed.

“The families of Mkupa, Mzakwacha and Chikulamasinda now await their turn,” he said.

But the judge noted that Mtima’s name had only been submitted as a nomination to government which was yet to make a formal appointment, “thus the case was not ripe for adjudication”.

She also said the claimants can sue if they feel the President has unprocedurally confirmed a successor.

Meanwhile, GVH Taona said they want the process of nominating a successor to start this Saturday. He said they will not allow the Sawira family, where Mtima comes from, to remain in power.

“The Sawira family has been in power for 111 years, with three chiefs, and now they want a fourth one? No, we will not allow that,” he said.

The last Chukulamayembe, Walter John Hardy Gondwe, died in December 2018 aged 86.

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