Faith Mussa to release tour documentary

Musician Faith Mussa, through Ujeni Records that manages and promotes Malawian artists, will next week release a documentary that contains three live performances he had in Scandinavia last year.

Ujeni Records founder Karstein Grønnesby said in a statement the documentary will give the audience a snapshot into the world of Faith Mussa and an insight into the frontline of Malawian music export.

Is producing a documentary: Mussa

“This tour documentary follows the renowned Faith Mussa on his tour in Scandinavia autumn 2018.

“Structured around his own thoughts and experiences from the tour, the documentary includes three live performances, from Copenhagen, Bergen and Trondheim,” he said.

Grønnesby said the documentary will be released on April 12 and will be beamed on various local television stations. He said it runs for 30 minutes and it is both in Chichewa and English.

Grønnesby, who filmed and edited the documentary, said the music was written and performed by Mussa.

In an interview, Mussa’s manager Sam Chiwaka said the documentary will give Malawian fans an opportunity to experience Mussa’s music exploits on his overseas tours.

“We hope others to get inspired by this documentary,” he said.

Mussa is an award-winning artist, songwriter, human rights activist and the only electronic one-man band in the country.

He is known for his soulful voice as well as energetic performances. His music combines traditional Malawian vibes with modern sounds and technology to create a new and unique African sound.

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