First Lady calls on faithful to seek God

First Lady Gertrude Mutharika yesterday called on Blantyre Synod members to ask God to give them a godly general secretary (GS) as they seek outgoing Reverend Alexander Maulana’s replacement.

Speaking when she attended thanksgiving prayers for the Maulana, Mutharika  advised the members that during the synod’s biennial conference scheduled for August 26 to 28 where, among others, they will choose new leaders, the church should ask God to give them His chosen person.

Maulana family receives a gift from First Lady

Said the First Lady:  “The Bible in Matthews 7 verse 7 says ‘Ask and you will be given’. It does not say ‘command’. As you will be going into elections after next week, pray that God gives you his chosen one. Do not command him, lest you will be disappointed.”

She also urged the members to thank God for whatever he gives them and even their friends.

Maulana is retiring after serving Blantyre Synod for eight years.  as he retires.

Synod moderator the Reverend Masauko Mbolembole described Maulana as someone who demonstrated a stewardship spirit throughout his tenure of office.

“The outgoing GS was successful in his ministry because God wants him to finish what he planned for the synod,” he said.

In his farewell speech, Maulana said the journey was not all rosy but he succeeded by God’s grace.

“There were obstacles along the way, but I had to persevere and finish on a good note. As a family, we had to thank God and I ask you the gathering to help us in this thanksgiving service,” he said.

The organising committee chairperson the Reverend Harold Mbedza said the offering of the day, which was K510 530 would go towards supporting a family in Balaka that was spotted during the Reach Out and Touch programme. Other notable faces that attended the event were Second Lady Judith Chimulirenji, Senior Chief Kapeni, Chief Machinjiri, and various church ministers  from within and outside CCAP.

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