Group donates ambulance

A grouping of people from Chiradzulu South Constituency, Zakwathu ku Namitambo (ZKN), on Saturday donated a K12 million ambulance to Namitambo Health Centre.

Speaking during the handover, the group’s chairperson Daniel Kamoto said the endeavour is one of the group’s projects to develop the area.

“We are about unity in uplifting the living standards of people in the area. The ambulance will serve everyone regardless of political and religious affiliations,” he said.

Mwanamvekha signs a contract to protect the ambulance as Chavula (L) looks on

Kamoto requested Minister of Finance, Economic Planning and Development Joseph Mwanamvekha, who is also legislator for the constituency, to lobby the health centre to be upgraded to a rural community hospital. The road network, he added, should also be improved.

Chiradzulu district commissioner (DC) ReinghardChavula thanked the group for the gesture, saying the donation brings to three the number of ambulances in the district.

“We greatly needed an ambulance as two ambulances could not cater for over 350 000 people in the district. We pledge to take good care of the ambulance and ensure that it is not misused,” she said.

Mwanamvekha called the ambulance an asset that will alleviate the people’s suffering.

“We will fight for the upgrading of the health centre and road network. I hope hospital staff and the community will take care of this important tool for development,” he said.

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