Inspired by women to lose weight

Fat shaming is common among peers, siblings, parents and partners among others. For some people it brings about positive results as they are inspired to do something about their weight. It did for 36-year-old Mac Zakulanda.

“I started exercising because of my wife Gertrude. She always mocked me of being lazy and idle; just eating, getting fat without exercise. I then started running, but could hardly cover a one kilometre stretch. I joined one of the gyms, but only with the intention of lifting weights. A trainer advised me to start cardiovascular exercises until I lost some kilogrammes,” he explains.

He remembers the trainer telling him how bad he was, being so obese.

“I hated him for this, because I felt good being big. I thought it meant greatness. I then joined aerobics and this changed my mindset entirely,” says Zakulanda who currently weighs 91 kilogrammes having lost 30 kilogrammes.

He was amazed to see women jump so high. Zakulanda says in a team of almost 20, only three were men and he admits that the women who could run, skip, sprint up the Kamuzu Stadium stands- something that was a challenge to him.

Now he is a source of motivation for others through his Facebook posts. Looking at his ‘before and after’ photographs, one would think he took herbs or medicines to shed off weight, but he claims he has never taken any slimming pills.

Zakulanda’s jogs and still goes for aerobics, boxing and treadmills, coupled with proper dieting.

“I cut down on carbohydrates, sugars and fatty foods. My diet comprises brown rice or mgaiwa, high-fibre cereals, fruits and vegetables. I substitute honey for sugar and also drink a lot of water. I have made exercise part of me, training twice daily. I am into body building to tone my body,” says Zakulanda who was also named the Ulaya Classics Most Transformed Man.

He testifies that his life has improved tremendously with his new lifestyle. He now sleeps without snoring and has even changed his clothes’ size from 44 to 34/36.

He advises all who would like to start exercising that it is never too late to go for it.

“The beginning is always hard, but do not give up, you will make it. Go for skipping, running or aerobics. You never know what will work well for you,” he advises. n

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