Youth in Malawi politics

When talking about politics in Malawi, the youth cannot go unmentioned or without being recognised for the numerous roles that they play.

At political rallies, it is common to see a majority of youths painted from head to toe in sweltering heat, and sometimes drenched in rain, showing their unwavering support to party leaders.

Sometimes, if they are not careful enough, the youth become objects to fuel violence and to disturb opponents’ political rallies.

However, it is worrisome to note that while politicians enjoy the support they get from the youth, there is little, if not nothing at all, that they do to the youths as a form of appreciation.

Often, they make promises on youth development which they are usually unable to fulfill.

It is high time youths open their eyes and realise that the time for them to be mere cheerers of party leaders and entertainers of people with their painted bodies is gone.

Now is time for the youth to take active participation in politics in order to become decision-makers as that is the only way youth-related policies will find their way on the national agenda.

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