Lambani Dube back with Political Influence

Reggae artist Lambani Dube is set for a return to the music scene with a planned double album launch slated for January 30.

In an interview, the Zomba-based artist said he has embarked on a double project which will culminate in the release of the Political Influence CD album and a DVD compilation None By Jah to be officially unveiled at Davido Lounge in Mangochi.

Dube: I will come up with something new

Dube said in his latest work he has tried to experiment on his usual reggae beat with manganje as he tries to create something unique.

“It is always reggae music. Sometimes I try to experiment with some funny things of course. In this album, I will come up with something new that I am calling reggae manganje. The drum in it is manganje, but the beat remains roots reggae,” he said.

The artist said the overriding theme in Political Influence is unity. He said he has reflected on the behaviour of most Malawians who love oppressing each other,  are full of self-pride and look at one another with contempt. 

He said: “We need to come together and put our best qualities together and see how far it can lead us as a country. We have failed to make progress because people do not want to come together and they don’t want to help one another.”

Production of the 15-track album has seen Dube through the corridors of at least four recording studios such as JK Records in Zomba, Trumel Records, South Africa’s Blue Arts Studio, owned by Malawian Chris Kelle and Ralph Ching’amba’s Ralph Records. 

It contains songs such as Wapitatu Malawi, Political Influence, Chuma, Holding On, Kawafunseni, Love Unfair, Give Me Your Love, It Is So Good Tonight, Jah Behold, Living To Love You and Bang Out Babylon.

Dube has released over eight albums and four DVDs. Some of his previous albums are Chisoni Nkumatenda, Yankho Likadzafika, Mark Of The Beast, Chains and Shackles, Reggae On the Broadway, Umodzi Ndi Mphamvu, World Crisis, Knockout, Africa Revolution, Never Give Up On The Truth. During the album launch, the artist will be supported by Lucius Banda, Lameck Katunga and George Sungani.

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