Leave 2019 excesses behind as we crossover

Dear judge Mbadwa,

In few days time we will be crossing over into 2020 and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you honourable judge, Mbadwa, for the job well done in 2019.

It was indeed a challenging year that brought out the best and the worst in Nyasas.

 At least from the cases you handled, we realised that Nyasas are not as God-fearing as they have wanted us to believe all these years.

God fearing people do not go about whacking each other without provocation save for holding a different political opinion than that of your neighbour.

The unprecedented looting, the burning and the brandishing of pangas and the consequent killings helped to define the psyche of the modern day Nyasa.

Whoever said Nyasas are tolerant people should be told that they were fooled into making that conclusion by a group of people who like to hide their true feelings when all seems to be going their way.

My Lord, we know from 2019 that Nyasas are the biggest bigots who would do anything to suppress dissenting views.

Their party and party president is the best thing that has ever happened to them and those who think to the contrary are labelled unprogressive and fanatical.

My Lord, if you were looking for the specialised bootlickers one need not go anywhere than Nyasaland where people dance to sad tunes of political idiots as long as they can help them to put some food on the table.

I never knew that Nyasas are tribalists and nepotistic at heart in the truest sense of the word of supporting home industry until I encountered them in the annus horribilis 2019.

And we have come to understand that they can do anything to cling to positions even where common sense would have taught them to gracefully bow out.

Perhaps the saddest ‘closing couplet’ of the year or the lowest of the low of the year was the dismissal of a report on alleged rape of Msundwe women by Mariko Batman.

My lord, I have never encountered a weird logic and an insensitive statement as the one spewed out by Batman.

Here was somebody who was dismissing a report from a commission that was established by the Constitution and, whose government has deliberately paralysed by not dully appointing commissioners.

My Lord, I was uncomfortable with the tone of the whole minister who, without any iota of responsibility, spoke as if he were a spokesperson for the police not for the entire government.

It is the police that have been blamed for their excesses and nowhere has it been alleged that the perpetrators were sponsored by the government; so, why is Batman concluding that ‘they’ cannot accept the commission’s report really?

My Lord, wouldn’t government be interested to check whether they are bad apples within its agencies who are giving the entire system a bad name?

The allegations levelled at the police officers are of the serious nature and cannot just be wished away with such a poor statement. The hollow statement can be interpreted as the thinking of government on allegations that have alarmed such bodies as the European Union.

By the way, does the venerated minister think Ombudsman Marita who cosigned the report is also wishy-washy?

I remain confused,

John Citizen.

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