Lucius Banda, Lulu, Black Missionaries storm Northern Region


Music lovers in the Northern Region were on Saturday treated to an amazing experience, courtesy of ‘Soldier’ Lucius Banda and his Zembani Band, Lulu, and the Black Missionaries Band.

The event, which took place at the Squirrels Park in Mzuzu, was full of fun as Banda, Lulu, Anthony Makondetsa and the Black Missionaries performed impressively.

The live concert, which spilled to the early morning hours of Sunday, saw fans refusing to leave the venue, demanding more songs.

Lucius Banda performs at Squirrels Park

This followed an announcement by Banda and his Black Missionaries’ counterparts that the Mzuzu show might be their last this year.

Mzuzu-based reggae artist, Fitz Gerald Simfukwe of the Meditates Band, curtain-raised the show with his new hits Bilimankhwe and Ndalemba Kalata as well as other songs from his  Kadunduli 1 and 2 albums.

Other artists who impressed during the event are Sam Smack and Nepman.

Lucius Banda’s new song Kuyenda Ngati Nkhunda and Kupupuluma also made the patrons’ night.

Gospel artist Thoko Katimba was a surprise guest at the event as he dished out Ndalipeza Banja and Mbuye Mwasintha Nyengo Zanga which forced patrons onto the dancing floor.

Lulu’s Ziwalo Zanga, Ndidalira and other songs from The Black Missionaries sent patrons into a frenzy.

“We are thankful for the support given to us. This weekend we have been here in the North with good patronage in all our shows,” said Black Missionaries leader Anjiru Fumulani.

He also applauded the fusion of gospel artist Katimba during the show, saying the action binds them together as united musicians.

Banda hailed Squirrels Park managing director Tobias Keliophus for building a magnificent venue, saying it is the best in Malawi.

Keliophus hailed the impressive patronage of fans, saying it will encourage him to bring more musicians to the Northern Region.

One of the patrons, Peter Ngala, praised the bands for their good performances saying the show was worth their money.

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