Malga backs councillors on development fund

Malawi Local Government Association (Malga), an umbrella body of councils in the country, has joined calls for councillors to administer Constituency Development Fund (CDF).

The call follows Mzimba West member of Parliament (MP) Harry Mkandawire’s appeal to fellow legislators at a recent full council meeting to let councillors take charge of CDF to improve coordination at grass-roots level.

Ndipo: MPs should
not take part

According to a statement signed by Malga president and Blantyre City Mayor Wild Ndipo and Malga executive director Charles Chunga, since 2014 councillors have not been given support to perform their functions because MPs have been “greedy” in facilitating local development.

A report on the review of budgetary allocations and local revenues generated in seven selected district councils in the country, revealed that Local Development Fund (LDF), District Development Fund (DDF) and CDF-funded projects are shoddy, incomplete, have stalled, abandoned or completed but not in usable form.

The report prepared by Andrew Mpesi, Roy Hauya and Kalako Mondiwa, recommends that MPs should delegate the handling and management of CDF funds to councillors to ensure increased community involvement in both project identification and management.

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