Mbeya, Dar es Salaam ports to cut costs by 30%

Local hauliers using Mbeya and Dar es Salaam ports in Tanzania are expected to enjoy between 25 and 30 percent reduction in transport costs thanks to improved efficiency and effectiveness of cargo handling at the two ports.

The development follows discussions between representatives from Malawi and Tanzania cargo handling institutions who have agreed to revitalise and increase cargo volumes transported through Mbeya Dry Port and Dar es Salaam Port.

Muindi: We want to increase volumes

Representatives of Malawi Cargo Centre Limited (MCCL) and Tanzania Ports Authority met transport and logistics stakeholders in Lilongwe on Wednesday to discuss modalities on how to make the northern transport corridor lucrative for transportation of goods.

MCCL logistics manager Gerald Ndowera said in an interview that the reduction in transport costs means product end users will enjoy cheaper prices of goods.

He said: “We have created the return traffic. Sometime in the past some of these facilities were not friendly because there was only one way traffic.”

Tanzania Ports Authority director of marketing and public relations Francisca Muindi said Tanzanian stakeholders and transporters have always wanted to increase the volumes between the two countries.

One of the participants, Alliance One Tobacco Malawi Limited shipping manager Frank Chinkhandwe, described the meeting as crucial as they look for cheaper ways of exporting tobacco.

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