Mbvundula comes second in continental writer’s contest

Malawi’s budding writer Ekari Mbvundula has finished as the first runner-up of a continental writing contest, The Writer Competition.

The 26-year-old was facing competition from two Nigerians; Akpa-Nya Alexandra and Suyi Davies Okungbowa, with the latter winning the $1 000 (about K720 000) top prize.

Mbvundula: I'm thrilled to be recognised
Mbvundula: I’m thrilled to be recognised

“The finale was intense! It came down to Suyi and me, the last two gunning for the top spot in The Writer 2016. After they dragged it out until we all went a bit crazy, I came second place!

“I am thrilled to be recognised by this competition, Malawi, and the world! Congrats to Suyi, and third place winner Alexandra as well. Thank you once again to all voters,” says Mbvundula.

Earlier on, the writer said she was excited to finish with the highest number of votes.

“Well, it’s officially closed! I finished top! Amazing, amazing voters, all of you. Let’s wait until 6pm on Twitter to get the final results from the judges.

“Remember, the judges vote counts 60 percent and the public vote only 40 percent. So, the votes you see here aren’t a concrete predictor of the final result,” she wrote on her Facebook page.

Out of total votes of 6 994, Mbvundula received 2 537; Alexandra had 2 420 while the winner amassed 2 037.

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