Music, karate on Lulu’s album launch

Lulu’s launch of an album, Better In Your Arms, which took place on Saturday night at Bingu International Convention Centre (Bicc) in Lilongwe, brought to light the other side of the musician.

As soon as he got on stage, Lulu said that apart from teaching music to the youth, he also teaches karate. He said he is a soccer player but ‘couldn’t make a career out of it, therefore, decided to stop playing professionally.

After making this revelation, Lulu called four karate youths who came on stage and displayed a number of karate moves, throwing punches and kicks in the air before he (Lulu) joined them and displayed his moves with fluidity, befitting a sensei.

Sing along with me: Lulu seems to be telling fans during the launch

Lulu, real name Lawrence Khwisa, said he comes from Kawale Township, Lilongwe and that he is proud of his home town.

His Mathumela Band, which backed him during the launch, also comes from Kawale and according to him, the new album is a compilation of messages from the township, saying: “I was born and I am based in Kawale. We the people of Kawale have a message for you, but we don’t know how best to tell you. We don’t know if words can explain better to you but we believe that music is going to do that.”

Lulu walked on stage dressed in slim fit dark slacks, flowery viscose shirt covered with a greyish tweed jacket and gold chain around his neck.

He had a mohawk shaven head with dreadlocks tied in a bun at the back of his head. His first song was MunthuSadzatheka, which was received with applause from the audience.

The next song was the popular Ili NdiPempheroLanga from one of his previous albums, persuading the people in the auditorium to sing along. As the music tempo rose, the patrons rose with it softly but firmly singing along as if in fervent prayer to the Lord just as the song stipulates.

By the time he was performing Sindine Accountant more than half of the auditorium was up dancing and singing along loudly to the familiar lyrics.

This was before Symon Kamlaga and Kendall Kamwendo of the NyembaNyemba fame came on stage to auction the fresh album CD.

Other artists in support of the launch were B1 of the Kwa George fame from Zambia, SkefaChimoto, Dan Chazama, Legend, Kell Kay and Ro Kho.

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