Mzuzu councillors vandalise CEO’s office over delayed motorbike loans

Mzuzu City councillors on Friday vandalised the council’s chief executive officer’s (CEO) office in protest against delayed motorbike loans.

Jombo Ward councillor Chiyembekezo Mvula said councillors were angry at being given part of their money last week.

“We were supposed to get K1.5 million each but the council only gave us half a million cheque which was not the agreement,” he said.

The vandalised CEO’s office

The councillor also said in their discussion with the council secretariat, they had some disagreements which resulted in vandalism of the CEO’s office.

Mzuzu City Council spokesperson MacDonald Gondwe said the council had taken care of the situation and everything is back to normal.

He said there was a technical hiccup while processing and clearing their cheques but the issue was resolved and the councillors received their money.

“It was unfortunate that the issue went this far because it was an internal issue and we thought it would have been better to handle it internally,” said Gondwe.

He also said breaking structures would not solve matters, considering the hard economic times the council was going through.

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