Never too young to take on the world

While most young people feel entrepreneurial ideas are hard to find, 23-year-old Rejoice Namale and 21-year-old Tapiwa Chigumula indicate otherwise.

The duo co-founded Grow and Glow Events, a management company that taps into the need for social capital through organising upscale, elegant, but affordable corporate and non-corporate events for both women and men in Blantyre.

Some young women at one of the Grow and Glow event

They observe that their grouping emanated from realising that most of the events tailored to such missions were held in Lilongwe.

And because of high transportation and accommodation costs to and fro Lilongwe for networking purposes, the two women decided to bring the programme closer to home.

“We knew that other individuals based in Blantyre must be facing a similar problem because there were a number of us who travelled to Lilongwe from time to time,” Namale.

She says the events are a fusion of leadership skills, character building, personal development and pleasure.

Bringing attendees as close as possible to the most renowned speakers in business, science, arts, technology and innovation-whose knowledge and experience will assist those present to become better contributors to the economic and social development of the nation-is their main goal.

On Chigumula’s part, she says: “Our platforms also tackle pertinent issues affecting the younger generation, motivating and lifting them up to become positive and independent young citizens.”

She says their creative sense and passion to materialise their ideas gave them the conviction that their company would be a reality.

Namale is also founder of Youth Arise Network, a non-governmental organisation (NGO) which encourages youth to venture into entrepreneurship and it has been running for over a year.

Chigumula on the other hand is chief executive officer of Hidden Treasure Wardrobe, a clothing store business which she started two years ago.

“Age has never been a limiting factor to us. It is actually strength because we get to show that setting a goal, matched with dedication and perseverance overthrow age as a limitation any day,” adds Chigumula.

She says the pair are both women’s and youth empowerment advocates who hoped Grow and Glow would open opportunities for them.

Chigumula observes that life is what one makes, not having all the start-up capital one thinks they need to beat obstacles.

“Networking opens doors. Step out of your comfort zone and tell your ideas to the right people,” she advises.

She says women’s potential to do and become the best is underutilised because many underrate themselves.

Chigumula asks them to dismiss the status quo and position themselves to be winners. n

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