No Kwa George, no party!

There is a new party anthem in town.The boy from the neighbouring Zambia, B1 is making everyone, everywhere dance anyhow.

His Kwa George song is blazing from clubs, pubs, cars and living rooms at such a damning frequency. And yes, people are loving it. It’s not unusual to be at some entertainment joint where the DJ has put the song on repeat or some patron is request for an encore once it plays.

There is simply no party where there is no B1 with his Kwa George hit. Such has been the effect that the song has had on the country’s music landscape. Though this is the case, it is one tune that has divided opinion with the same degree that it has been loved.

A certain section appears not to be convinced as to how should a song which sounds so ordinary to ‘their ears’ command such popularity and relevance. This debate has been raging on and on the sidelines as the speakers keep blazing the song.

There are indeed some puzzles attached to the song. For example, this song was released as far back as January this year, and Malawians are dancing to it six months later. Just where was this song trapped for it should to fail to infiltrate into our musical systems until now?

Zambia is a couple of hours drive away from Malawi. Just how did this song take so long to be discovered here? And with all the internet sites where one can download any song of his choice within minutes, but still the google search machine could not lead any single Malawian to the song.

It comes as no surprise that we have become a target of mockery on some social media sites that are Zambian. We have become a source of mockery as they cannot comprehend how slow we are with our music instincts.

But who cares? Kwa George is here now and we are enjoying it. Though it is still not very clear as to what is true about the Kwa George title. Some are speculating the names was derived from some shanty township in Lusaka and others are saying it’s one of the low pubs in the country.

And who said we need to understand the whole meaning and concept behind a song for us to enjoy to the full? In music it is the beat and the rhythm that gets one floating and hooked up. Nothing other than that matters.

And for those saying the record is not worth the noise it has made: wait a minute. Have you forgotten our love for bubblegum music? And bubblegum music is contagious. It spreads like bushfire and before anyone realises it would have covered the whole village. Like a Savico jean trouser in the 90’s.

We have enjoyed plenty of such songs before. They have made us dance. They have led some to spend carelessly during their moments of prime popularity. Now they are confined to a distant memory and we are okay with that.

This Kwa George mania will soon leave the stage. It will pave way for the emergence of other equally crap compositions. So for those standing on the other side of the fence, keep calm, let those who are enjoying the dance do so with all the freedom. As it stands, there is no party without Kwa George.

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