No politician is worth dying for

As the country gears up for the May 2019 Tripartite Elections, especially with the launch of the campaign recently, political euphoria is slowly but surely building up. Everywhere one turns, the talk is about politics and politicians.

While others are readying themselves to take up various positions in their respective parties, there are also others within the parties readying themselves to unleash terror on their opponents and critics.

In the period before the launch of the campaign, there were several unfortunate incidences which must make any peace-loving Malawian think if this is the type of politics and Malawi they want. Cases in point were the torching of vehicles belonging to UTM in Mangochi, which was collectively condemned by every Malawian regardless of the political colours one wears. And, indeed, no-one should allow being used as a pawn in the elite political leaders’ games, quest to achieve their self-interests.

Again, there was violence in Dedza, during the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) primary elections, which passed as a dent on the party and democracy.

Strictly speaking, there are always better ways of resolving misunderstandings, but violence is not one of them.

With the political hype building up as we are talking about just a month and a few days before the elections, Malawians need to be less emotive about politics because the players in the game are amoral. 

In politics, they say, there are no permanent friends, nor permanent enemies. There is only permanent interest. Politicians are birds of a feather, flocking together to preserve their self-interests. All politicians are a part of a closed circle of elites who do not want any new entrant in their privileged rank.

This being so, do not allow people who have little regard for your interests divide you with their shenanigans. Why are the ordinary citizens enemies of themselves over political support? Why do you want to die for politicians whose children are in schools abroad and who, in spite of their political differences, dine and wine together?

It is unfortunate that in all these, the youth are used, abused and then let fly like a piece of trash. Lessons abound of youths who were armed with weapons to fight politicians’ cause but were left in the cold as soon as the politicians got what they wanted.

If any politician should arm you with weapons to attack their opponents, ask for their children to lead the assault. If their children won’t be part of the thuggery, then, take no part if you’re wise. n

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