No underrating people’s power

Among other things, the controversial 2019 presidential elections have shown that the people of Malawi have got power.

They have proved wrong the fallacy that the presidential election cannot be nullified once the president elect has taken the oath of office. There has also been a mistaken belief that no one can win a case against a president or government agents.

This has been proved wrong by the Malawi High Court judges who tried both Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) and President Peter Mutharika cases. In fact, cases have been lost while appeals have been dismissed as well without fear or favour.

It is common knowledge that tidal wave of political change started way back in Mutharika’s first term. It has already been said on several times before that due to the economic hardship which has triggered all manner of suffering, the majority of Malawians come to the conclusion that Mutharika’s government has failed.

Hence, the call for change is not only from opposition party leaders but even people who do not belong to any party and are also feeling that the country is paralysed. Therefore, change movers and shakers had to come out and vote in 2019 elections so as to democratically bring change through ballot box.

Unfortunately, MEC seemed to have its own plans which seemingly were to show that in an election MEC was more important than voters. It goes without saying that MEC’s target was to see to it that Mutharika won the elections.

Hence, their shoddy work full of irregularities as exposed by the Constitutional Court.

The main opposition party leaders were dissatisfied with the results. Therefore, president of UTM Party Saulos Chilima and Lazarous Chakwera of Malawi Congress Party (MCP) took the matter to Constitutional Court. As it were, they made history by winning the case in which the 2019 presidential election was nullified. Mutharika and MEC appealed the case to Supreme Court where it was dismissed.

Meanwhile the Public Appointment Committee of Parliament threw in its spanner by recommending to the President the dismissal of MEC chairperson and commissioners because of poor performance in conducting presidential election.

Sadly, the President refused to endorse the recommendations as well as signing the electoral related Bills. This is actually a blow to the election rerun in May 2020.

Indeed Malawians have been put out of step but without doubt they will fight on. Malawians know where they come from by surmounting so many stumbling blocks. Undoubtedly MEC commissioners and their chair will soon realise that their resistance to leave which is backed by a big brother is simply a walking shadow. People of Malawi have the power and the change they want will sooner than later come.

No one should be deceived that the fight for change is only in town. People in rural Malawi followed closely the case at the Constitutional Court and when ruling was made on February 3 to nullify the Presidential election, the time stood still as people celebrated.

People have to show that this is their country. One does not need to look further than mammoth crowds which willingly come out during HRDC demonstrations where they show their dissatisfaction with the Mutharika government.

It goes without saying that any leader who underrates the power of the Malawian people should just know that he is digging his own grave of his downfall. Malawians within their powers will work closely and bring change. Delaying change by meaningless tactics is a waste of time.

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