OC Cosmetics launched


Nankhuni applying make-up on a patron
Nankhuni applying make-up on a patron

US based Omega Nankhuni on Sunday afternoon launched her OC Cosmetics at the Protea Ryalls hotel in Blantyre.

The launch attracted many women who were introduced to the products through make-up lessons which taught them how to use the cosmetics on different clients.

Nankhuni said, her cosmetics are excellent, but said perfect results can only be appreciated if properly used.

“I am happy that I have launched my cosmetics and had good patronage. There was seriousness from the patrons and to ensure they understand well, I conducted lessons and tried some make-up on different faces,” she said.

Nankhuni said her products work well with any skin.

“I have shades from light to dark skin. When coming up with the products, I considered traits of all human skins and I can assure any woman that with my products any problem on their skin is solved. My products are safe and we advise our customers before buying on what shades are suitable for their skins which is not common with many cosmetic sellers,” said Nankhuni.

She said her products will be available in saloons and shops and people can also procure the products through her website www.occosmetics.com

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