Sand Fest goes environmental conscious

With less than two weeks to the Sand Music Festival, organisers have announced a partnership with waste management agents, Clean and Proud.

The organisation will be responsible for waste disposal management and recycling during the three-day annual festival which will take place at Kabumba Hotel in Salima from November 1 to 3.

Last year’s event was headlined by Kenyatta Hill

Clean and Proud said they are excited by the prospect of helping ensure waste disposal is correctly implemented throughout the venues in Salima.

“Our team will be responsible for making sure that plastic debris and all other waste will not pollute one of the most biologically diverse lakes in the world,” reads their communication in part.

A member of Sand Music Fest organising team, Nkhwachi Mhango, in an interview said this is one of their interventions to show that they take issues of environmental conservation to heart and that they will be responsible in ensuring no damage is done.

He said it has always been their tradition to use the platform created by the festival to increase awareness on environmental issues.

Mhango said: “We used to clean areas around Senga Bay when we held the event at Sunbird Livingstonia. This year we are stepping up with our partnership with Clean and Proud who will manage the waste. The most important aspect is that we are not just committed to keeping the surroundings clean but promoting recycling as well.”

He added that they are aware that during the festival a lot of plastics and organic waste are emitted. Mhango said a team will be put in place to pick all waste and put them in plastics recyclable and the organic waste will be dumped appropriately.

On the general preparations of the event, Mhango said everything is on track and at the moment they are working on finalising flight bookings for the foreign artists and ground works at the venue.

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