Secrecy in mining sector worries communities

Communities in Phalombe have bemoaned lack of information as regards to the prospective mining activities of rare earths in Songwe Hill in the district.

They echoed the concern on Tuesday in Maoni Village, Senior Chief Nazombe during an engagement meeting with officials from local government and Mkango Minerals Resources, a firm which is conducting mineral exploration activities in the hill.

Rare earth samples at Songwe Hills in Phalombe

Centre for Environmental Policy and Advocacy (Cepa) supported the meeting with funding from Australian Aid through Oxfam.

Members on the foot of the hill said since 2013, they subsist in fear as there is no communication on planned operations and impacts of the hoped mining activity from the investor and government.

But Geological Survey Department deputy director, Kondwani Dombola, said communities should not panic as they will be engaged throughout once the investor got mining licence.

In her remarks, local team leader for Digby Wells Environment, Meya Kalindekafe, an environmental and social impact assessment (ESIA) consultant for the investor, Mkango Minerals Resources, commended communities for raising issues to be addressed and incorporated in their study.

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