Silver want Nomads prize money withheld

Centre of controversy: Chitsulo (L)
Centre of controversy: Chitsulo (L)

In a desperate attempt to get Tony Chitsulo’s K1.9 million (about $4.7m) transfer fee, Silver Strikers have instructed their lawyers to apply for a court garnishee order restraining Nomads from accessing their K8 million (about $20 000) Standard Bank Knockout Trophy prize money.

But the Nomads have accused the Bankers of being driven by sheer jealousy following their recent 1-0 loss.

Silver’s chairperson McDonald Mafuta-Mwale said: “We have exhausted all avenues, but we seem not to be making any headway. Recently, we even put on hold our intention to take up the matter with Fifa, hoping Wanderers would settle the dues, but it would seem they still do not want to pay.

“So, now that they will be getting money from Standard Bank, we have instructed our lawyers to apply for a garnishee order to enable us to recover our money and costs for the proceedings.”

Mafuta-Mwale also said it is unfortunate that the issue has dragged unnecessarily.

However, Kanyenda said they are not prepared to pay.

“Why should we pay for a player we are not being allowed to use? Tony only featured in three games in the first-round and if anything, we will just pay them [Silver] for those three games; otherwise, they can take him back,” said Kanyenda.

Asked why they have not paid the transfer fee up to now, Kanyenda said: “I thought Silver referred the matter to the courts and later threatened to take it up with Fifa? My advice is that if they have concerns, they need to resolve them within the football structures.

“Our preference, though, is to resolve the issue through football structures such as Sulom and FAM,” he said.

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