Stop being bullies

With the rapid advance of technology and its convenient accessibility, cyber bullying—the use of technology and electronic devices to do mean things such as start rumours, post embarrassing things or photos on social media, or send inappropriate text messages meant to incite violence or hurt feelings in some way—is becoming more prevalent.

Considering that in this digital generation, most youths now have social media accounts such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and Instagram, the facts is, if they are not being victims of cyber bullying,  in most cases they are usually the ones involved in bullying.

Looking at cyber bullying closely, one might have doubts it happens in Malawi. Starting a rumour, sending an inappropriate text message or posting degrading photos or comments about someone might sound and appear to be okay and might not be considered as bullying, however, the acts have long-lasting effects that usually lead to low self-esteem, and in worst cases, suicidal thoughts.

All I am saying is that cyber bullying should have no place in our era.

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