Story of Ndirande

Ndirande Township in Blantyre is one famous place. From politics to economic activities, this is one township that is touted as a hub of activities of all sorts.

From morning till dark, there is always noise, activity and interactions in this part of Malawi. It is also well known for its notoriety.

Stories are told about the place and its scary tales of harbouring criminals and all sorts of negativity.  But not all is dark. Ndirande is home to some of the biggest talent Malawi has ever had. It is also home to some of the greatest politicians, footballers and other great minds. Ndirande is one beloved township that is populous and there is never a dull moment in it. This is the story of Ndirande.

Some of the cast members in the series

This time around, Gosm Production, a local film production company, has taken it upon itself to tell the story about this famous township. The interesting fact is that the production team is using actors from Ndirande Township itself to give the production an authentic touch.

Director of Gosm production Isaac Misoya says the production has resulted in the creation of a series to be aired on Zodiak Broadcasting Station (ZBS).

The series is simply titled Ndirande.

“The series will tell what happens in everyday life here in Malawi through Ndirande Township. The main objective is to educate the society about morals and consequences of some of our choices in life,” said Misoya.

He said the production team is striving for quality in terms of picture, light, sound and the effectiveness of actors and the storylines.

“It is a story that will resonate with many,” Misoya said.

Making a television series is challenging. How is the production being financed?

“Though it is a challenge to get money for this, Gosm production did its best to raise funds to sponsor the project,” he said.

Misowa said this is the reason the production has taken long to take off.

Some of the familiar faces taking part in the series are musician Nepman, Yasin Suwedi popularly known as Mr Ichocho, Isaac Saleta, David Scott and Chikondi Chapambana.

Nepman says as a resident of the township, he is glad to be part of the cast.

“Ndirande is my home. If there is someone who can tell the story about this township better, then that is me,” he said.

Misoya says as Gosm, they have been in existence since 2013 and have produced a number of movies but this year they are concentrating on the Ndirande series.

“We have also produced two movies which we will be premiering soon,” he said.

Misoya said the film industry is growing and the local production companies are eyeing to compete on the international scene.

“Our movies are now being recognised by the global society which gives hope for a better Malawi movie industry,” he said.

Random interviews with local movie lovers show that there is hunger for local production.

“I would rather watch something from home than these boring and predictable Nigerian movies. But then when you switch on the TV, all you get are foreign movies,” said Patricia Phiri, a resident of Chirimba also in Blantyre.

Her sentiments were echoed by another movie fanatic Israel Kiri from her locality.

“I think there is a market that movie makers should explore. We can watch local productions. The fact that they will be speaking our language makes everything even better,” he said. 

A clip seen by On The Arts shows the improvements that the film industry has achieved evidenced by the quality picture, clear sound and mannerism of actors.

The Ndirande series will premier next month. n

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