Take a Lake of Stars breather!

I thought just a few months earlier forecasts on this impending gruelling hunger were brushed off left right and centre and branded as talk of hallucinating politicking pigeons?

Well, at least for this week, shelve the doom. You will do the country injustice to stick to same old problems we can attend to later!

Just even forget for a moment the vanquish of our brothers and sisters who have come out of nursing schools to face a harsh reality of their redeployments and offers for employment withdrawn because government has no funds to sustain them.

Yes, let not your world stop at worrying about the likely harsh unemployment related depression that will turn a good number of these well-learned medical minds into aficionados of cheap brews in Ndirande, Kawale or Matawale.

For those that have been paid this month, pack your attire and head to Mangochi where the international Lake of Stars party is hours away.

The lake district awaits you with its sun, sand, stars and other ‘S’ words you fancy.

It is time to walk in song and dance with the rest of the world. Don’t show our begging bowl, but our happy and capable side.

For our artists, match the performers from the donor world inch to inch! For the local reveller, show them there is time to dance and time to run around with the begging bowl!

In between the jigs, you can take an endless swim or laze around the shores without any bother of the social media reminding you every morning of the redemption we need as nation!

Only after the party is over can both the reveller and the entertainer look back at the haunting future and limp forward on the journey that is life in Malawi today!

Just don’t come back missing a few teeth, your wallets or a convincing reason for your deserting your better half today on a Friday only to resurface on Sunday evening to disconnected electricity and water!

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