The bushy experience at Kutchire

There is another unique world and style of living amidst the bushy surroundings that is mainly characterised by an impressive flora and fauna which fully defines Kutchire Lodge.

The experience that the place offers is exciting and at the same time scary. The thick indigenous flora is home to some of the biggest and most dangerous fauna. For the fact that man chose to encroach in their natural habitat, the animals roam about the place freely.

The sight of lions, cheetahs, elephants, waterbucks, antelopes, leopards, rhinos and all sorts of snakes and creepers is not rare. No doubt the presence of these rare animals contributes to the thrill of being around the place.

Dan Kaludzu along with a group of 15 other childhood mates, former classmates and workmates visited the place last weekend to have a first-hand experience of the stories they have heard about the place for long.

Kaludzu in an interview sums up his two-day experience in the wonderful ecosystem as simply wild. He says what stood out most is the sighting of some of the biggest animals that they have never heard of or seen on television.

“It is a mixed bag. It is scary at the same time exciting. I remember on Saturday night an elephant came to feed close to our rooms. But all in all it is refreshing. The natural dense trees are a source of good fresh air,” he says.

The group took a tour of the Liwonde National Park whose boundaries enclosed Kutchire Lodge. The hunger was to see every animal that is present in the park. But every encounter with one animal sent the whole safari vehicle into total silence. The fear suppressed the excitement.

At the start of the game drive, the safari vehicle driver who only identified himself as Joseph, laid out clear instructions for the team: no flashlights, no noise when we are into the park and no one is allowed to drop off from the van or get close to any animal.

Because of fear not to find themselves on the wrong side of the animal’s mood, these instructions were religiously adhered to. With all the apparent excitement, but all the chatter done amid the continuous selfie-taking was done at a reasonable communicative tone.

Another group member Chisomo Chalamanda says on top of their excitement and fun that was provided by the green surroundings, what strikes him most is the hospitality accorded from the start to finish.

Chalamanda, who is based in Lilongwe, agrees: “A stay at Kutchire Lodge is enjoyable. The hospitality is amazing and so is the food. They have such a unique setup with the tree houses and everything. The owners engaged with us throughout to make sure that we were having a great time.”

Tadala M’banga made the trip all the way from Nkhotakota and by the end of the two days she had no regrets. She says the boat ride and the pool which was constructed with an artistic design of a mountain was her most standout experience.

“It is a whole new different adventure. The accommodation and the activities that we did engage in all added to the thrill of being in such a unique and beautiful place. It is exciting to find a home in the wildness,” she said.

Owner and manager of Kutchire Lodge, Samuel Ncozana said for the five years that the facility has been operational they have thrived on some unique features that provide the biggest attraction such as the tree houses.

Ncozana explains: “We are in a national park, so when you are outside or in your room, you can see elephants or lions walking around so that’s one unique thing about this place.”

He says he has also benefitted from the fact that  his business is Malawian-owned as people would want to visit solely to help a Malawian enterprise.

“People always go to the lake for vacations, but for a change it is good to have a feel of other places such as national parks. Seeing the big animals that you always see on television is huge fun. It is an adventure which is worth it,” he adds.

Built on a three acre land, the lodge has four executive chalet’s five tree houses, a dormitory which accommodates 10 or 15 people, family rooms and a camping bay.

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