The folly of dancing to sad tunes

Dear Judge Mbadwa,

As I congratulate your tribunal for delivering a ruling that has in effect signalled the rebirth of democracy in Nyasaland (or the death of it if you decide to be on the wrong side of history), I want to also draw your attention to the reasons that made us sink so low before your tribunal pumped sense into our heads.

My Lord, as a country, we are so much used to dancing to sad tunes of political sponsors as long as they are mourning even when the season of grieving appears generally over.

Said differently, the ‘handclappers’, who have been eating at the feet of leaders, are largely responsible for the perpetuated political impunity we have experienced.

My Lord, the ‘see no evil and hear no evil’ mentality of the beneficiaries of a political establishment that elevates cronyism and nepotism helped shape the political environment we found ourselves in even after Nyasaland attained multiparty democracy .

Every time a new government is ushered in, the self-serving handclapping leeches move in to clog the ears of the leaders not to listen to any sound advice or concrete criticisms.

The blood sucking parasites then set to work on the brains of their masters, removing the cerebrum and replacing them with maize husks so that the leaders should only respond to praise and worship from the supporters.

My Lord, this kind then set their own form of democracy that becomes government of the handclappers for the handclappers and by the handclappers.

Those who want to participate in such form of governance are then forced to learn the art of handclapping and hero-worshipping.

Those who want to excel in any business are left without any choice but to be in good books with the handclappers who chose who to award contracts as their leaders are busy being lured to sleep by enticing songs of flattery.

And when push comes to shove, it is the same handclappers who show that there is no one who can bell a cat when it is surrounded by miserly rats.

My Lord, your guess is as good as mine on who actually calls the shots in such a system and of course no names at night ought to be mentioned My lord.

Why did I rumble through such incoherencies, My Lord? Well the landmark judgement on elections and the subsequent appeal has shown us who really loves the country and who wants to drag it into mediocrity.

My Lord, it is clear there is a certain clique that is failing to listen to the bells that have been tolling to wake them up from their slumber.

So long,

John Citizen.

With Emmanuel Luciano

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