Walter hints at reforms

Football Association of Malawi (FAM) aspiring presidential candidate Walter Nyamilandu will launch his manifesto tomorrow in Blantyre and has hinted at unveiling some radical reforms aimed at taking Malawi football to a “new level”.

Announcing the launch of the manifesto dubbed ‘Raising the Bar’, the incumbent, who is also Fifa Council member, said time has come to do away with ‘business as usual’.

Nyamilandu: I’m bringing the message of hope

“As the theme ‘Raising the Bar’ suggests, we should expect a series of reforms to transform Malawi football to a new level. Business as usual will not take us anywhere and there is no place for mediocrity for us to realise our ambition of becoming a successful football industry,” he said.

Nyamilandu all but admits that his reign has not been up to scratch as some elements derailed his last manifesto themed ‘Harvest Time’.

“At the launch, I will unpack step by step the measures that will be taken to bridge the gaps and to scale up the game in order to take us to our desired future.

“I am bringing a message of hope of a brighter future based on mindset change with new ways of working by introducing a new operating model that maximise productivity and epitomise the performance of all players and actors in the game of football,” he said.

Asked if the need for mindset change to get rid of mediocrity might cost him votes, Nyamilandu said affiliates are aware that he is the only one to bring positive change, having laid strong foundation.

“We have worked hard over the years to lay a strong foundation for football to flourish and it is now time to provide lasting solutions for football to become a tremendous success. ‘Raising the Bar’ is the game-changer. It is what separates men from boys as we relentlessly pursue excellence and success in the new era. Suffice to say that ‘Team Walter’ means serious business,” he said.

While admitting that he might face resistance to the change, Nyamilandu was optimistic that affiliates will support his reforms and give him a fresh mandate.

“This is why I am saying there is need for a mindset change. It will be my job as a leader to champion the change and introduce change agents in the system to manage the change.

“We are talking about introducing meaningful change into the system. The affiliates will be excited because we will be bringing value on the table,” he said.

Soccer analyst Charles Nyirenda said time had come for Nyamilandu to tell the world why he should be given a fifth term.

“This is his opportunity to tell the world his vision. We have been on the onslaught criticising him on his decision to stand again, but never heard from his side what has made him change his earlier decision not to contest.

“Now is the time for him to unpack his manifesto. From what he has said, it seems he is after reforms. It will be interesting to hear him unpacking his manifesto,” he said.

Nyamilandu is tipped to face his vice-president James Mwenda, former first vice-president Moses Mkandawire, Karonga United chairperson Alufeyo Chipanga Banda and a rank outsider Balawala Vingula.

Mwenda launched his manifesto last week in which he outlined four pillars that focused on transforming Malawi football through visionary leadership, investing in football, sustainable financing for Malawi football, and governance and reforms.

Chipanga was the first to launch his manifesto in which he also promised to revamp Malawi football by enforcing compliance with Club Licensing System protocols without exception, lobbying government to waive or reduce taxes to woo more football sponsorships from the corporate world so as to increase prize money for competition both at regional and national level. Balawala’s manifesto, on the other hand, promises to make beach soccer a tourism sport, promote grassroots and youth football development and lobbying for increase in football funding and sponsorship.

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