What’s in a stethoscope?

Take a walk around town and see how some motorists try their desperate best to impress—deafening sound systems played at full volume, overdone paintworks, inconsiderable speed and all modified loud exhausts!

But when you overdo some things, they usually sum up to idiocy, and that idiocy has engulfed our towns.

No offence, but out of all tricks, I should be so damn in love with one that has some real doctors and pretenders alike hanging their stethoscopes to bake in the sun, hanging on the rear view mirror.

In case you wondered why, just like me, the easiest explanation you can savage is that some people indulge in such foolery to get noticed and often times accorded ‘the importance that the stethoscope dangling on the rear view mirror has grown to deserve.’

Benefits of such acts, I am told, include softening up hard traffic law enforcers into letting the car owners get away with crimes.

Sometimes the car owners, most of who are not any near the medical field, just want take advantage of porous traffic Police systems to avoid delays or fines.

Some motorists are simply show offs, using the utensils to look important!

But if social constructs are not reprimanded by citizens and authorities alike, how does it look when we get to where the rear view mirrors are laden with a soldier’s bazooka, a boxer’s glove, a football star’s boots and a musician’s guitar or drum?

What a society that would be!

Ssometimes I also vexed by how people use their uniforms to justify their being a busy people so they can jump the queue in banking halls and other usually crowded service providers’ places.

I then quickly remember one bassist who used to walk around town with his guitar strung to his shoulder and, given that the bassist was vertically challenged, the guitar almost scrapping the floor!

He had to endure the whole livelong day’s toil of dragging his guitar around!

Now it seems professions have become the opposite of what they must be have simply become clowns. Sadly, they are clowning for free!


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