When to raise issues in a relationship

Relationship issues are vast, complicated and difficult to comprehend. How a couple or individual deals with love relationship matters differ. However, there is a need to mention certain traits.

If a man or woman has an issue to  discuss with  each other, is there a specific or right time to bring it up? Do moods or places play a pivotal role over the same?

I know of people who are gifted with spoiling a good mood with the bombardment of questions. These are the type who will not hesitate to get an issue off their chests over trust or commitment issues and catch their partner unawares in the process. They just blurt out their concerns irrespective of the time and place. And, in response, because of the lack of prior alertness on manner of bringing up the issues, the surprised person may choose to avoid the subject altogether and walk out. To bring the matter back into conversation at a latter stage may prove difficult since the other person would be prepared for unpalatable answers following the outburst.

I know many women are usually anxious when it comes to asking their partners about an incident or indeed trying to get them to commit. Some believe shouting on top of their voices will bring about the desired result as it would intimidate the interviewee. However, some actions may ignite arrogance or stubbornness instead of cooperation, hence, dilute the essence of an otherwise vital conversation.

Some men will usually avoid certain conversations and will give the excuse of postponing it “because there is still plenty of time” to discuss the matters. There is always a good way of introducing a subject, upon studying the moods rather than ambushing someone. The best would be to alert someone about the need for a talk and agree on time and place to avoid the abandonment of the matter from a negative reaction of the other.

Nonetheless, an issue should not be let to hang for too long in the hope that it will eventually go away on its own. Delays may allow an issue or problem to penetrate deep into the relationship, becoming unredeemable.

The bottom line is to gauge a situation before bringing up important subjects so they receive maximum attention. Again, proper arrangement to discuss an issue can help bring about the desired effects and help improve a relationship. If in doubt about how best o approach a matter, professional help may come in. n

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